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E-logistics the watchwords of the trade are the quality of preparation, processing speed, costs and traceability. We are structured to provide the desired service by our customers.


  • appointment for delivery outlet
  • Control of parcels and / or pallets made docks
  • A monitoring extranet tool updates docks allows the merchant connaîtreles taken appointments made, check the actual arrival of the products, and to be informed of potential problems: damaged pallet, open, reservations and sent to carrier
  • Receiving marchandises.La actual receipt is by comparison with merchandise announcement (purchase order):
  • Each reference is controlled by scanning the bar code when present
  • A quality control of packaging is made
  • The realized piece by piece count is compared with the amounts announced
  • After receiving a report of receipt is automatically sent
  • If the product does not have a bar code, handheld barcode label is generated, printed and pasted on each product.
  • If the product information is missing, they will be seized and they will feed into the base articles.Ces enriching the information base products are then computationally lifts.

Preparation and control packing

  • Each collected product is scanned during his assignment in preparation bin associated with the order.
  • When sampling the lot number is scanned and control the decision-in-LIFO or FIFO order is made
  • The commands are initiated by preparations waves respecting the following prioritized order:
  • Order Date (FIFO)
  • Priority ordering large accounts
  • Internal priorities related to the optimization of preparation paths

Packing operations are crucial in the case of premium brand products (fashion or beauty industry) or for fragile products.


  • The cause of return of the order is filled (according to a configurable list and defined / validated at startup, customer rejection, failure, termination, service,..)
  • Each product of the returned package is treated individually, that is to say, each product is subject to a quality control and product qualification quantitatif.La is configurable. For example: packaging intact, open packaging product conformity, damaged product … By functions of the product qualification, the corresponding storage activities are carried out (reintegration in stock, setting waste …). These actions are set during startup.
  • As receipt, the goods are then sorted by area then stored
  • Returns result in updates inventory and order status
  • These updates are transmitted via webservices, flat file (XML, CSV, merchant format) via FTP feed or Excel sent by mail.

Stock management and procurement

Our warehouses are made up of specialized cells by sectors. This specialization allows:

  • To have personal awareness of the products and the industry imperatives
  • To set up the means and procedures suitable to the requirement level marks on product packaging before shipping
  • To introduce retention means suitable for products requiring the (humidity and temperature)

Our customers benefit from shared resources, but have specific storage areas:

  • The public areas involve the reception, storage and shipping pallet
  • records storage areas, pockets and trays are a dedicated area. This is defined in terms of forecasting product catalog and can be adapted several times a year
  • On request, it is possible to dedicate an area with separate access

Stock differences are assessed at each inventory and reimbursed the purchase price, after integration of a shrinkage rate = 0.25% of the incoming stream

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