We offer full range of services of customs agent; import and export customs clearance. permanent imports (home use) clearance on tax-deferred VAT representation, permanent or temporary exports, inward and outward processing, treatment of TIR Carnets, treatment of ATA Carnets. douane10 

Our customs service is for any type of customer, goods and means of transport, air, sea, rail or road. 

Our agency aims to assist its customers from start to finish. Our job is primarily to assist you in clearing your products in strict compliance with customs legislation. 

Beyond simple customs clearance we offer upstream preparation service well before its actual shipment record optimization of transport packaging, documents and customs formalities. 

Customs is a complex and changing errors often pay dearly, we are at your disposal to assist you from start to finish of your operations so that everything goes smoothly pitfall. 

Our customs consultant is at your disposal to advise the best for your present and future operations. We have a network of customs agencies in the world which allows us to advise you on customs operations on other continents. 

We offer variable pricing packages per hour per transaction subscription plan contact us for further information. consultancy and advisory services are free for our guests.